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Everyone would agree that the way we used to do things ten years ago is massively different from the way we do things today. There is no guarantee that what worked with a previous generation will be as effective with a new one. This is especially true in a missions context.  Being involved with missions for the last fifteen years, I have seen some very interesting ways in which people are raising funds for the causes they believe in. I can still recall the first day I realised that my life was going to be different from that of a traditional missionary, and I had to walk away from the norm into the unknown. Financial security was not a given, and the possibility of entering a new month without any finances was a huge possibility.  After seeking counsel, reading numerous books and talking to many veteran missionaries, my journey started. I used my best writing skills, gathered the greatest photos available, and designed a newsletter explaining what I was about to do. I requested various forms of support from different people. Because many people knew about the importance of sending the gospel to all, and because they already had busy schedules, it was easier for them to give and to allow me to do the witnessing on their behalf.  (more…)


Generation iY

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Book Reviews, Generations

Almost summarizing the purpose of the book in one sentence, Cathy D.T. gives his supportive statement and sets the tone of the book, by writing in the forward, that “we all have an influential role to play in nurturing this next generation” (2010, p9).

‘Generation iY’ draws a picture of the challenges faced by the next generation of leaders, as well as to what might happen if insufficient attention is given now at an early stage of their development. ‘Generation iY’ is written by Tim Elmore who served as the vice-president of leadership development at EQUIP (a John Maxwell company) for seven years before founding and still acting as president of ‘Growing Leaders’; a non-profit with the mission to develop young leaders who will transform society. Elmore has written more than 20 books and speaks regularly to students at campuses across the USA using principles, images, and stories to strengthen leaders (Source: growingleaders). (more…)

Being Global

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Book Reviews, Missional Leadership

When I saw the subtitle of the book, ‘How to Think, Act, and Lead in a Transformed World’, I immediately knew this book was going to be different, especially when the introduction started with the words “Being Global is not an Option. It’s an Imperative” .

‘Being Global’ sets a new context for global leadership, illustrating both the challenges and the opportunities facing today’s executives. Written by two dynamic and well acknowledged people in their respective fields, both are serving in different capacities at the ‘Thunderbird School of Global Management’. Cabrera who was a former dean of the Instituto de Empresa, one of Europe’s leading business schools, and is currently the president of the school. He received recognition by ‘The World Economic Forum’ as a “Young Global Leader” who named him chairman of its Global Agenda Council on Entrepreneurship in 2008. Gregory Unruh is a sought after leader and the director of the school’s Lincoln Center for Ethics in Global Management. He is an inspirational speaker and the author of numerous articles and books such as; ‘Energy Policy’, ‘Journal of Business Strategy and the Environment’, ‘Journal of Economic Issues’, ‘Ecological Economics’, and ‘Journal of Environment and Development Economics’ (Source: gregoryunruh) (more…)