Being Global

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Book Reviews, Missional Leadership

When I saw the subtitle of the book, ‘How to Think, Act, and Lead in a Transformed World’, I immediately knew this book was going to be different, especially when the introduction started with the words “Being Global is not an Option. It’s an Imperative” .

‘Being Global’ sets a new context for global leadership, illustrating both the challenges and the opportunities facing today’s executives. Written by two dynamic and well acknowledged people in their respective fields, both are serving in different capacities at the ‘Thunderbird School of Global Management’. Cabrera who was a former dean of the Instituto de Empresa, one of Europe’s leading business schools, and is currently the president of the school. He received recognition by ‘The World Economic Forum’ as a “Young Global Leader” who named him chairman of its Global Agenda Council on Entrepreneurship in 2008. Gregory Unruh is a sought after leader and the director of the school’s Lincoln Center for Ethics in Global Management. He is an inspirational speaker and the author of numerous articles and books such as; ‘Energy Policy’, ‘Journal of Business Strategy and the Environment’, ‘Journal of Economic Issues’, ‘Ecological Economics’, and ‘Journal of Environment and Development Economics’ (Source: gregoryunruh)

Cabrera and Unruh take the reader through four major phases: Global Leaders can be made, Global mindset, Global Entrepreneurship, and Global Citizenship. They place a strong emphasis on global connections. While this is not something new, it is clear that our world today is more multidirectional than at any time in the past.

Among several things mentioned, the exciting part of the book is that it creates this understanding that we are all living in a perceived world; the way we perceive it is the way we see it. “Global leaders, in short, have developed a global mindset, global entrepreneurship, and global citizenship” (2012, L349) and therefore do not follow the old adage of ‘think global, act local’, but instead they continuously strive to ‘be-global’ (2012, L202).

Specifically written for leaders and aspiring leaders, ‘Being Global’ is a book that will help to shape your way of thinking, your behavior, as well as stretches your worldview to new horizons. It will prepare you for working in a global market.

At the end of each chapter there are practical action steps to help the reader to become more globally minded. It is a book I will recommend to any leader, and not just those who are already thinking globally, but even those who might be caught up with being too local.

From a point of critique I can not say much, other than that most examples used are from a western worldview and this isolates regions such as Africa from the global context. ‘Being Global’ certainly challenged me to look at the world differently and that we have been given much more access than just what we see around us. The world awaits us…

Book available in both ‘hard cover’ and ‘kindle’ from


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