Millennials and Infographics

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Generations
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Recently it has become a norm for people to use infographics to communicate statistics, research findings, and trends. Designing an infographic can be a difficult and research-intensive task. From all the research that is involved to making sure the design conveys the right message, some say it’s art, others would say it’s a science. (Designdisease)

In the digital age, the saying has never been more relevant; A picture is worth a thousand words. To cope with the daily onslaught of information we’ve become content grazers, skimming headlines and post descriptions for the promise of bite-sized nuggets of information. (Intersection Consulting)

Infographics are easy to digest, easy to share, and create great brand awareness. However not all infographics tell the whole story, or in some cases tell any story. Building an infographic requires some research by itself to avoid the unwanted of just being a cumulation of graphs, fancy art work and color use. (Speckyboy)
Below are some infographics I found to be very interesting. Obviously they are based on views, statistics and research done on the millennium generation. By regularly searching for new infographics, it helps me to stay in touch with views, comments and thoughts on how other people experience this highly interesting generation.

Let me know your thoughts on the claims they make, and if you had come across others worth knowing about, please share them with us…
PS – When you google ‘millennials and infographics’ you get more than more than 260 000 results, with 54 000 images. Each of these infographics communicates trends, behaviors, insights, and warnings about the millennial generation.
Four(4) of my favorites:

According to an infographic by the ‘Millennial Impact’, millennials:
Are more generous than we think.
Would be more likely to serve or give if asked.
Want to know specifically how their gift is used.

Fastcodesign’ describe millennials as well-educated, tech-savvy, and independent. However they’re also cursed by a bad economy.

Millennial Teenager’ explains that when it comes to communication, millennials prefer text messaging above emails, while ‘Youth Ministry Media’ reveals that millennial’s are super networkers, and because they are connected they don’t need a land-line; they text while driving and do not feel guilty about it.


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