Africa – The Rise of an Emerging Leadership Generation

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Generations, Missional Leadership

EthiopiaDuring a recent visit to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, I had the privilege of being part of the launching of an Emerging Leadership Network for Africa. This is a huge step in the right direction as I strongly believe the time for Africa to stand up and take its rightful place in the world of global missions has arrived.

Under the covering, leadership and guidance of the Movement for Africa National Initiatives (MANI), five of us gathered for three days to share stories from our own regions and our desire to see a more unified voice on the continent. On Saturday we had the opportunity to meet a group of younger leaders from Ethiopia and heard how they too desire a more unified platform from where they can be more effective in that which they are already doing.

Although much can be said on our time together, I thought it good to post a few comments made by these younger leaders as they viewed the way forward as an Emerging Leadership Generation (ELG).

  •   As a generation we are constantly aware of the need to work closer together. The question is not so much as whether we need to do this as to how we can do this.
  •   As an Emerging Leadership Generation (ELG) our desire is not just to learn from other global regions, but to learn with them.
  •   Over the years we had attended so many meetings before where attempts were made to create platforms where we could connect and work together, but no action were taken after the first or second initial gathering. To take this forward we are to ensure platforms are created to ensure ongoing interaction and growing together, tools are to be made available that will equip us in being more effective in our daily responsibilities,  proper understanding are to be communicated as to each ones responsibility, and platforms are to be available where we can learn from those who have walked the road before us.
  •   One of our greatest needs is to find ways where different ministries, opportunities and initiatives can be connected to one another, as we are continuously facing pressure from the west to become more liberal in our actions, and from the east to be more extremist in our thinking.
  •   Helping us to move forward we need to understand the current status of the ELG within a national, regional and continental context, as well as how each relate to the global context; differences, similarities, uniquenesses…

* Where are each of them heading?
* How are they planning in getting there?

  •   If the expectations conveyed are too high, the potential of involvement are minimized as previous experiences proved the un-success of aiming to wide and achievement of goals set, are not met.

What are the uniquenesses of the ELG in your region, and how can platforms be created to assist and empower them to become more effective in that which God is leading them to? Looking forward in reading your comments…


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