Zambia prepares to Go North

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Missional Leadership

1094522_508970309177562_1158879792_oAfter two days of driving north we finally arrived in the Gwembe valley for the ‘Harvest for Christ Ministries’ annual leaders gathering. More than 2500 people came from ten(10) regions across Zambia to celebrate what God is doing in their midst, as well as to hear how they can be more effectively involved with His bigger plan for our beloved continent.

It was a great honor for us to serve with them and to be a confirmation that God wants to use the people from the Gwembe valley to Go North. From the moment we arrived we knew that our participation is not by accident, and that the Going North message was extremely timely.

Various ministries participated and included a medical team of fifteen(15) doctors. They helped an average of 120 people per day, of which all had to attend a basic introduction session on Community Health Care. People arrived from early in the morning to wait patiently for their turn to be helped. On the one day the dentist pulled a total of 91 teeth.

One of the more exciting moments for us was when Ps Albert shared about the prophesy they received ten(10) years ago. A lady who visited them said that the day will arrive when the people from the Gwembe valley will Go North into Africa to share about the things God is doing in their midst; they will be equipped and be part of a bigger process. Our message served as confirmation and the announcement that the time has arrived. The people were extremely blessed and requested training that will empower them to go.

A regional meeting with representatives of each region will gather early 2014, and together we will discuss possible training opportunities and partnership abilities between Malawian and Zambian churches. This is an unique and historical moment in the Africa church and are we looking forward to see how God will orchestrate His plans…


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