Africa and Leadership Development

Posted: January 16, 2014 in Generations, Missional Leadership
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ERFA-Logo-no-backgroundWith a huge focus on Africa and the tremendous investment of many countries into the continent, it is no wonder that more and more articles are being written about its potential and its challenges. From youth unemployment to the creating of sustainable platforms of development, Africa is certainly high on the agenda of many leaders around the world.

Today I want to share for discussion three different articles written by three different authors who might not even know about one another. Yet all three of them were in fact not just complimenting each other, but also strengthening and challenging each others viewpoint.

The first article highlights the urgent need for companies to change their approach in becoming more like training schools who are there to equip and empower people. They need to start with training early and do it as often as possible. They need to make use of mentors and feedback programs to continuously monitor the growth and progress of each employee.

The second article strengthens the view of the high risk the continent is facing due to the rapid unemployment growth, but also indicates the potential the youth has if given the right platform.

The third article assumes that companies and organisations has a sustainable leadership development program in place, however it highlights four major pitfalls/mistakes identified that can kill your desired outcome.

Being passionate about our beloved continent and its people, I am wondering how much of this information are applicable in the mission world, and the organizations and churches working within Africa. Therefore I want to invite you to add your views for discussion as to how mission organisations and churches can apply these lessons in their daily activities.

The three articles:

  1. I thought this was brilliant! So insightful! Investment in employees are key to invest in the long term success of an organisation. Creating an environment of learning and investment will create a culture that others will contribute to. Mentoring and coaching is more important than ever. This will foster a culture of loyalty and honouring a person for who he is and not just for what he can contribute, that will benefit the organisation in the long run. Even if you lose their skills to a greater competitor, your developing culture will attract the right kind of people.

    • adriaan.adams says:

      Thank you Bianca and yes I agree, mentoring and the creating of platforms for growth is what institutional structures now needs to develop. The era of building this mighty ship to shoot the big canons from are over. The emerging generation is creative, passionate, believes in partnership and a unified voice, yet they are also extremely individualistic. They understand the value of those who walked the road before them and the need not to recreate the wheel, however the style and methods used are different between the existing structures and the desired structures to be used by this younger generation. Therefore the concept of adopting a harbor mentality by organizations where smaller ships can seasonally dock, be equipped and trained, and then allowed to move out and do what they feel God is leading them to, is what’s needed.

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