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Over the course of the weekend I had the opportunity to sit in the same room with some of the wealthiest people in the world; men recognised in the business world as successful, and people with a huge line of followers.

Being someone who loves leadership and grasping every opportunity to learn from those who have walked the road before us, I went to Sandton in Johannesburg to attend the Global Success Summit 2014. Various speakers spoke throughout the weekend, each sharing insights to some of the lessons they have learned. The panel included people such as Steve Wozniak (co founder of Apple), Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street), Dr. John Demartini ( a thought-after behavioural specialist and expert in leadership development), Greg Secker (Internationally renowned master trader and multimillionaire by his twenties), Peter Sage, Andy Harrington, JT Foxx, Raymond Aaron, Gary Lafferty, Andrew Barsa, Francois Pienaar (1995 Rugby Captain), Siyabulela Xusa (Inspiring story of success from a South African who grew up in Umtata and now have a planet named after him), and a new friend made called Colin J Browne who just published a book that gives insights from 60 South African business leaders on how to create and maintain a brilliant organisational culture.

Looking at my notes I am thrilled to have taken down so much, however the application of it is where the next step is leading. It is Gary Lafferty who said that “Knowledge is not power, but action is. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but without action, actually applying it, you will remain powerless”. Dr. Demartini took it a step further by saying that “a leader is a person who has mastered the understanding to live a life with purpose beyond himself and his generation, someone who is building a legacy that other people can learn from and build upon”.

Although not exactly sure where to start, I do value the lessons learned from a personal mentor and friend Dr. Bill Taylor who made it his mission to teach leaders on how to become ‘reflective practitioners’. So in my quest to understand the application better, I will use my next few blogposts to reflect on my notes, sharing it with you to comment, give input, and share whatever thought is coming your way on anything these men had to say. So here it is:
demartiniDr. John Demartini (A world renowned human behavioural specialist and expert in leadership development who has synthesised 41 years of research in over 260 disciplines into keynote presentations and seminars covering topics from business to financial mastery, building teams and communication to activating leadership and greater productivity in all areas of life)

“There is a direct link between your leadership impact and the things you value in life as highest priority” (Dr. J. Demartini).

Each person have things they feel as valuable and important to do, but then we also have things which are of lesser value and importance. The highest priority (hp) things are usually where we are the most disciplined in and where we have the most order. Whereas in the lesser value (lv) areas we are least ordered and structured. However most of us are occupied by spending more time daily dealing with the lesser value stuff, and do we not create enough time to invest in the higher priority areas.

“We need to master the art to fill our days with ‘highest priority’ stuff, the things that are ‘most important’ and what we see as ‘high value’. The ‘lesser important’ things, the ‘least valuable’ and ‘lowest priority’ areas are to be delegated to people who see them as ‘highest priority’ areas in their lives” (Dr. J. Demartini).

“When you focus on your hp/mv/mi areas, you automatically generates energy, motivation, passion, and ‘telos’ – meaning and purpose” (Dr. J. Demartini).

“When focussing on your hp/mv/mi areas, you will in-spite of pain, difficulty and challenges faced, continue to pursue, endure, and enhance in that which you are passionate about” (Dr. J. Demartini).

“People who are not fulfilling their hp/mv/mi are constantly looking for alternative things to do, procrastinate, and eventually becomes more of a liability that constantly requires attention” (Dr. J. Demartini).

“Life is like a magnet with both a positive and negative pole. It cannot be separated and are we to embrace both positives and negatives in life with the same ambition and passion. People who only wants the positive side of life are constantly seeking for ‘quick-rich’ schemes and ‘quick-fixes’, whereas the balanced person understands that it is a journey set out with goals, measurements, and progress” (Dr. J. Demartini).

“We are not to put people on pedestals, or in a pit, but we are to put them in a heart” (Dr. J.     Demartini).

“To be a great inspired leader you need to firstly understand what it is you want to lead” (Dr.     J. Demartini).

“Great leaders understand their community, the challenges they face and the obstacles they need to overcome. They then find a solution, help them to envision a possibility, and assist them to experience and possess it” (Dr. J. Demartini).

“Helping people to fulfill that which is their hp/mv/mi areas, is your automatic road track to being a leader” (Dr. J. Demartini).

siyaSiyabulela Xusa (An energy-engineering graduate from Harvard University with a passion for harnessing the power of the sun for clean affordable energy. Xusa is a fellow of the African Leadership Network and a fellow of the Kairos Society, a global network of top student and leaders using entrepreneurship and innovation to solve the world’s greatest challenges)

With an amazing story of success, in-spite of his background, Siya inspired all 5000 attendees that many of “life’s failures are people who has not realised how close they were to achieving success”.


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