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Yesterday I posted Part 1 of the Lessons I learned from being in the room of some of the wealthiest men in the world. Today I will continue by sharing my notes with you of another two great speakers who have challenged my thinking and application of it. However before I do this, let me share some personal thoughts I generated throughout the summit.

Listening to the various speakers doing their thing, I noticed a very common trend applied by all. It was not mentioned by anyone as a skill or something we all need to do, but they certainly portrait it as a habit; either intentionally or unintentionally.

Besides all the talking as to what they have accomplished in life, mistakes they have made, and lessons they have learned, they all had examples of people whom they have taken for the last year and helped to experience what they are experiencing. Some of the testimonies shared by normal South African who met these men only a year ago, blew my mind. Firstly it is amazing to hear what they have accomplished in just one year through the application of the input received by these men. But what really forced me to think again is the openness of these men to annually allow a few people in their life with whom they intentionally share all their wisdom, knowledge, and connections; creating a platform from which they can mentor, coach and equip them to do what they are doing.

“A leader is a person who has mastered the understanding to live a life with purpose beyond himself and his generation, someone who is building a legacy that other people can learn from and build upon”.

So my question for thought and discussion will be; “Are we as the church doing the same? Are we willing to give everything we have for the sake of equipping someone else to do exactly, and even better, what we are doing?” It was a lesson learned through example worth applying…

gregGreg Secker (Internationally renowned master trader and philanthropist Greg Secker is the founder and driving force behind Global Success Summits. A multi-millionaire by twenties, Greg has gone on to create and run Europe’s largest and most successful trader training companies and blazed a path for the everyday-man in the street to walk towards financial freedom)

“You can do it if you just know what and when to do it” (Greg Secker).

“Whatever I believe, when taking action which will require resources, will produce results” (Greg Secker).

“If we wish to master anything, spend time with people who have already mastered it. They will teach you their lessons learned, opening opportunities to take shortcuts by not having to learn the same lessons, and you will experience a belief transfer as you will start believing that you too can do it” (Greg Secker).

“We all have six(6) basic human needs: safety security and stability; Fun and adventure; Self-worth and meaning; Discovery, learning and expansion; Friendship, love and Intimacy; Making a difference through contribution. If any person or a ‘thing’ can help you to experience more than two(2) of the human needs at the same time, you will be addicted to it” (Greg Secker).

“To achieve success in what you do, you need to understand where you are, and where you want to go” (Greg Secker).

“Fear overrides all rational thinking” (Greg Secker).

“In this game of life you do not get what you want, what you desire, but what you tolerate” (Greg Secker).

“Four key steps to take towards your process of change; Create a meaningful goal; Plan with surgical precision; Schedule and lock the door behind you (it’s time to start working); get around the path walkers (spend time with people doing it)” (Greg Secker).

jtfoxxJT Foxx (He is global serial entrepreneur with business interests and companies in the USA, Canada, Africa, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. He is widely considered to be one of the world’s top business speakers, coaches and more recently, consulting. Foxx has two driving passions – deal making, and helping others to succeed in philanthropy)

“No matter what gets thrown at you, and how hard you have been hit, it is about you that needs to get up and continue walking” (JT Foxx).

“The less excuses you have, the more successful you will become” (JT Foxx).

“How you change is how you succeed” (JT Foxx).

“Empowerment is the understanding that the more successful you become, the more successful I’ll become” (JT Foxx).

“Do not rely on opportunities, create opportunities” (JT Foxx).

“For your business to grow, you need to spend more time working on your business, and less in your business” (JT Foxx).

“When you do a common thing in an uncommon way, you will have the world listening to you” (JT Foxx).

“Success starts with one deal, one person, one opportunity” (JT Foxx).

“IDEA = Innovation, Determination, Engagement, Action” (JT Foxx).

“What gets measured, gets managed. What gets rewarded, gets repeated” (JT Foxx).


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