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I believe that Africa has the potential of becoming a global influencer – and that it is possible through the empowering of the emerging generation of leaders. I am committed in creating opportunities and platforms through which this may happen.

I am a father of two beautiful kids, Stephen (6) and Bridget (8) and happily married for almost eleven years to Lydia, who grew up as a missionary kid. Currently I am serving in various capacities of which my main responsibility is as Executive Director at FTLT – Focus Team Leadership Training.

In addition I am co-coordinating the South African Student Mission Network, serving as Associate Director on the Mission Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance, and in the process of completing my MA in Global Leadership at Redcliffe College, UK.

I believe much is still to be done, and “Even though I may not see the results of my efforts today, or even in my lifetime, I’m confident that doing the right thing – the significant thing – which will produce rewards for the organisation and for others far beyond what I might otherwise achieve..”


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