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IMG_3300Heading back south I am compelled to reflect on what was to be one of the more interesting, yet unexplainable experiences ever. I am reminded of the words from a lecturer during mission training who said “when experiencing the unexpected, pause and ask why?”

For three days Christo and I were stuck in Nairobi as we were heading to Cameroon when the airport was on fire just as we arrived to catch our connecting flight. Fascinated by the experience we sad there most of the morning taking photos and making our own short video. Throughout the morning various media agencies approached as for photos, our stories, the experiences we had, and questioning as about our next steps from here. It was our moment of fame as news agencies such as BBC, CNN, KTN, Sky News, Al Jazeera, SABC and many other requested permission to interview us. My Facebook page quickly became a reference point as I posted the progress of the fire spreading through the building on regular intervals.