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Coming into Part 3 of the lessons learned from some of the wealthiest men in the world, I am once again reminded about how often we find ourselves searching for the latest leadership training material, latest tag words used, and all the things that will help us to better understand when to do what. However as I have also realised when teaching on leadership, the majority of the information shared are not necessary new information but rather confirmation of what we already know; just presented in a different way. What we do realise is that very little of the things that we so much agree with, we just for some weird reason do not apply. It’s like we acknowledge the value, but the application is left behind until someone reminds us of it.

My sincere hope through the five(5) part series is that the notes shared will not just remain theory, but that we will actively apply these values into our daily dealing with people around us…

The two men who’s notes I am sharing today were amongst my favourites. (more…)


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Yesterday I posted Part 1 of the Lessons I learned from being in the room of some of the wealthiest men in the world. Today I will continue by sharing my notes with you of another two great speakers who have challenged my thinking and application of it. However before I do this, let me share some personal thoughts I generated throughout the summit.

Listening to the various speakers doing their thing, I noticed a very common trend applied by all. It was not mentioned by anyone as a skill or something we all need to do, but they certainly portrait it as a habit; either intentionally or unintentionally.

Besides all the talking as to what they have accomplished in life, mistakes they have made, and lessons they have learned, they all had examples of people whom they have taken for the last year and helped to experience what they are experiencing. Some of the testimonies shared by normal South African who met these men only a year ago, blew my mind. Firstly it is amazing to hear what they have accomplished in just one year through the application of the input received by these men. But what really forced me to think again is the openness of these men to annually allow a few people in their life with whom they intentionally share all their wisdom, knowledge, and connections; creating a platform from which they can mentor, coach and equip them to do what they are doing.

“A leader is a person who has mastered the understanding to live a life with purpose beyond himself and his generation, someone who is building a legacy that other people can learn from and build upon”.

So my question for thought and discussion will be; “Are we as the church doing the same? Are we willing to give everything we have for the sake of equipping someone else to do exactly, and even better, what we are doing?” It was a lesson learned through example worth applying…

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Over the course of the weekend I had the opportunity to sit in the same room with some of the wealthiest people in the world; men recognised in the business world as successful, and people with a huge line of followers.

Being someone who loves leadership and grasping every opportunity to learn from those who have walked the road before us, I went to Sandton in Johannesburg to attend the Global Success Summit 2014. Various speakers spoke throughout the weekend, each sharing insights to some of the lessons they have learned. The panel included people such as Steve Wozniak (co founder of Apple), Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street), Dr. John Demartini ( a thought-after behavioural specialist and expert in leadership development), Greg Secker (Internationally renowned master trader and multimillionaire by his twenties), Peter Sage, Andy Harrington, JT Foxx, Raymond Aaron, Gary Lafferty, Andrew Barsa, Francois Pienaar (1995 Rugby Captain), Siyabulela Xusa (Inspiring story of success from a South African who grew up in Umtata and now have a planet named after him), and a new friend made called Colin J Browne who just published a book that gives insights from 60 South African business leaders on how to create and maintain a brilliant organisational culture.

Looking at my notes I am thrilled to have taken down so much, however the application of it is where the next step is leading. It is Gary Lafferty who said that “Knowledge is not power, but action is. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but without action, actually applying it, you will remain powerless”. Dr. Demartini took it a step further by saying that “a leader is a person who has mastered the understanding to live a life with purpose beyond himself and his generation, someone who is building a legacy that other people can learn from and build upon”.

Although not exactly sure where to start, I do value the lessons learned from a personal mentor and friend Dr. Bill Taylor who made it his mission to teach leaders on how to become ‘reflective practitioners’. So in my quest to understand the application better, I will use my next few blogposts to reflect on my notes, sharing it with you to comment, give input, and share whatever thought is coming your way on anything these men had to say. So here it is: (more…)